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You will always receive prompt, personal attention from me, Sacramento bankruptcy attorney Barry H. Spitzer. I charge less and give you more. Allow me to use my over 20 years experience in representing debtors, creditors and trustees, to assist you in your bankruptcy needs, all at very affordable rates.  

Chapter 7 Filing

Bankruptcy is not something anyone wants to go through, but if you are struggling with debilitating debt filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy could be the right move for your financial future.

Chapter 13 Filing

A great option for individuals with regular income to catch up on past-due payments, deal with outstanding debts in an affordable, manageable way, and get their life back on track.

Small Business Bankruptcy

If you are a small business owner who is struggling financially, filing bankruptcy might be your solution. There are various options for sole proprietors, depending on your particular situation.

Bankruptcy Litigation

A plaintiff can file any controversy in a bankruptcy case as an adversary proceeding, but the bankruptcy rules set out certain types of cases that a plaintiff must file this way.
Client Testimonials
  • "Thank you again for assisting me through this very stressful and difficult time in my life; I appreciate it more than words can describe."
  • "I just wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for your willingness to handle my case so quickly and with short notice. It really does mean a lot to me."
  • "Thank you for your time and representation in the matter of outstanding fees due to me. Your professionalism is much appreciated."
  • "We want to thank you very much for the excellent work you provided to us in securing the dismissal of the complaint."
  • "I would not be so remiss as to not thank you for your care and concern, as well as professionalism. By filing my petition for bankruptcy, I will finally be able to close a great chapter in my life. Do not underestimate the importance of this event in my life, nor my gratitude to you in being my legal counsel and representative."

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I have been practicing bankruptcy law since 1992. I have successfully represented debtors, creditors and Chapter 7 trustees through the bankruptcy process. By representing all sides of bankruptcy cases, I have a unique prospective on how I can best assist you.
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