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The Law Office of Barry H. Spitzer has been helping the greater Sacramento area and El Dorado County clients for over 20 years. Over the years, I have helped fight for the rights of our El Dorado County clientele and helping them achieve complete debt relief. I can help you get away from the harassment and creditors and free you from debilitating debt issues. Call me at (916) 442-9002.

Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in El Dorado County
Filing for bankruptcy is not something anyone wants to go through, but if you are struggling with debilitating debt filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy could be the right move for your financial future. Many individuals in the El Dorado County area who are struggling with crippling debt choose to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a debt relief option that effectively discharges all unsecured debts, including medical bills, credit card debt, personal loans, and debts from foreclosure and vehicle repossession.
What exactly is a bankruptcy?
Bankruptcy is the legal method for a debtor to “discharge” or obtain relief from the debts you owe. While no debtor is guaranteed a total discharge of his debt, most debtors who file for bankruptcy are given such relief. One of the primary purposes of the bankruptcy act is to relieve the honest debtor from the weight of oppressive indebtedness and to provide the debtor with a fresh start.
Client Testimonials
"Thank you again for assisting me through this very stressful and difficult time in my life; I appreciate it more than words can describe."
What Debts are Considered Non-Dischargable?
The greatest advantage of Chapter 7 bankruptcy over other types of bankruptcy relief is that it can help individuals and/or businesses with overwhelming debt, eliminate their dischargeable debts forever.
Will filing for bankruptcy affect my credit?
Unfortunately, it will. However, most individuals are able to rebuild their credit within a few years. If you are currently contemplating bankruptcy, then it is likely that your current credit rating has already been affected. 
Protecting Your Assets in Bankruptcy
One trade-off of Chapter 7 bankruptcy is that the court sees your assets as a means of paying back your creditors, and the Chapter 7 trustee can sell these assets to repay the any and all debts you may owe. 

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I have been practicing bankruptcy law since 1992. I have successfully represented debtors, creditors and Chapter 7 trustees through the bankruptcy process. By representing all sides of bankruptcy cases, I have a unique prospective on how I can best assist you.
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