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The Law Office of Barry H. Spitzer has been helping Roseville and Placer County area clients for over 20 years now. Over the decades, I have fought for the rights of my clients and helped clients truly achieve financial debt relief. Let me stop harassing calls and debt collectors. Call me today at (916) 442-9002.
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Roseville and Placer Co Bankruptcy
I understand how devastating debt can be and the adverse effect it can have on the lives of those who find themselves owing more than they can afford to pay, and I am committed to helping debtors find their way to financial freedom. Being in debt means different things to different people, and any amount of debt can feel overwhelming, depending on your financial situation and the amount of debt you are comfortable carrying. 
Who can file for bankruptcy?
It is important to understand that any person can file for bankruptcy protection from creditors. In addition, most businesses and charitable organizations may also qualify for bankruptcy protection. If you have questions about your situation I would be happy to help you. Contact me today for help!
Client Testimonials
"Thank you for your time and representation in the matter of outstanding fees due to me. Your professionalism is much appreciated."
All Aspects of Bankruptcy Law
I represent debtors, creditors and Chapter 7 trustees in bankruptcy court. This broad representation affords me the opportunity to view each case with not only your interests in mind, but also with a perspective on how other interested parties might view your case.
Why Hire an Attorney
While it is true you can represent yourself in a bankruptcy proceeding, it is also true that the law in this area is complex. When filing for bankruptcy protection, you want to retain as much of your property, while at the same time obtaining relief from your debts.
What About Your Fees
My fees are very reasonable. I frequently charge a flat fee for the services necessary in Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies. In general, those services include: preparation of your petition, appearance at creditor hearings, fielding telephone calls from your creditors, and other matters.

Law Office of Barry H. Spitzer

I have been practicing bankruptcy law since 1992. I have successfully represented debtors, creditors and Chapter 7 trustees through the bankruptcy process. By representing all sides of bankruptcy cases, I have a unique prospective on how I can best assist you.
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