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In analyzing your particular situation, I always consider if there is an alternative to filing bankruptcy. The decision to file bankruptcy is for many a difficult choice to make. A bankruptcy will affect your future credit. Therefore, the decision must be carefully made.

My fees are very reasonable. I frequently charge a flat fee for the services necessary in Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies. In general, those services include: preparation of your petition, appearance at creditor hearings, fielding telephone calls from your creditors, and other matters related to the general administration of your case.

My fee is determined by the complexity of your case. Some bankruptcies are simple and straightforward, while others are complex, especially if there are assets involved that exceed the exemption limits permitted by law. If you allow me the opportunity to review your financial situation, I will be in a position to quote you the charge for my services.

If you are considering filing bankruptcy, whether it is Chapter 7 or 13, please feel free to call me to discuss your concerns.

If you have any other legal question, please call. If I am unable to help you, I can always attempt to refer you to someone who can assist.

I am a participating attorney in the ARAG Legal Insurance program.

My law practice focuses on all aspects of bankruptcy law.

I represent debtors, creditors and Chapter 7 trustees in bankruptcy court. This broad representation affords me the opportunity to view each case with not only your interests in mind, but also with a perspective on how other interested parties might view your case.

Why would you hire an attorney to assist with your bankruptcy?

While it is true you can represent yourself in a bankruptcy proceeding, it is also true that the law in this area is complex. When filing for bankruptcy protection, you want to retain as much of your property, while at the same time obtaining relief from your debts.

By California state law, neither a paralegal nor a paid petition preparer can provide you legal advice.

By California state law, neither a paralegal nor a paid petition preparer can provide you legal advice. It is my belief the best way to represent you is to personally know you, your situation and your reasons for considering filing bankruptcy. Prior to hiring an attorney to assist you in filing your case, inquire whether the attorney will be your only contact and will that attorney be doing all the work on your case. Ask how long that attorney has been practicing bankruptcy law. I do ALL the work on your case. Most law offices will use a non-attorney on your case and your only true contact with an attorney will be brief.

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I have been practicing bankruptcy law since 1992. I have successfully represented debtors, creditors and Chapter 7 trustees through the bankruptcy process. By representing all sides of bankruptcy cases, I have a unique prospective on how I can best assist you.
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